Mercedes Runner 313 CDI issues are generally brought about by a flawed motor administration ECU.

Inward part disappointment of the motor ECU will keep the vehicle from beginning and enlighten the motor administration cautioning light. P0651 Mercedes Runner flaws are exceptionally normal alongside others for sensor reference voltages. Now and again the motor ECU might neglect to lay out correspondences to indicative hardware.

You might have been exhorted that you want to buy a costly substitution Mercedes Runner ECU from the maker. Anyway this will require coding to your van at an additional cost, and on the grounds that the first part imperfections have not been settled at creation level your substitution will flop in precisely the same manner.

We have an improved arrangement – test and revamp of your unique ECU. On the off chance that you are encountering your Mercedes Runner not beginning, we can reconstruct your ECU inside 2-3 working days so it at no point ever bombs in the future. We’ll give you a Lifetime Guarantee and you won’t have to reinvent it.

Normal Disappointment side effects:

No beginning
Enlightenment of the motor administration light

Test and remake:

Every motor ECU is widely tried utilizing our custom tailored test rigs. When all flaws have been distinguished, the ECU is reconstructed with higher evaluated than standard parts for greatest execution in each circumstance so you won’t ever encounter your Mercedes Runner not beginning from this point onward because of the ECU.


All coding data is kept unique during testing and revamp.


Quality affirmation is our main need. Our severe quality control across all parts of the cycle guarantees that hands down the most elevated level of work will be finished to fulfill our Lifetime Guarantee guidelines.


Lifetime limitless mileage*

How would I get my unit modified?

To pay for the modify click shop now above and afterward: Get yours reconstructed

Print the installment/booking affirmation email.

Bundle the Mercedes Runner ECU inside a strong box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the case).

Send us your bundle by followed dispatch (the delivery directions are on the affirmation email).

When gotten we will test, modify and return your ECU with a limitless mileage lifetime guarantee. (in the event that your unit turns out not to be defective then we will discount your installment less a little testing expense and bring delivering back)

What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This isn’t an issue, in the event that you lean toward this choice, follow the accompanying advances:

Fill in and present this test structure.

Print the booking affirmation email.

Bundle the Runner motor ECU inside a durable box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the case).

Send us your bundle by followed messenger (the delivery guidelines are on the affirmation email).

Once got, we will test your ECU and call you to inform on the result regarding testing, in the event that your unit is defective and you decide to proceed the remake then we will take installment via telephone utilizing a charge/Mastercard.

We will then reconstruct your ECU and return it to you with a limitless mileage guarantee.

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