This Mercedes A Class CVT (Persistently Factor Transmission) ECU is an incredibly normal issue for the 722.8 transmission.

The underlying driver of this A Class gearbox issue is inward part breakdown of the ECU, ordinarily causing shortcoming codes including: “0793 – The RPM Signal From Part Y3/9B4 CVT Optional RPM Sensor Isn’t Accessible” and “0722 – The RPM Sensor From Part Y3/9B5 CVT Result RPM Sensor Isn’t Accessible”, among others to be put away in the gearbox ECU. Issues with the result and optional transmission speed sensor are likewise extremely normal.

At the point when the gearbox ECU comes up short, the vehicle will encounter a deficiency of force, limp home mode and poor to restricted gear determination. An admonition message will likewise be shown across the scramble: Transmission Visit Studio.

This shortcoming isn’t restricted to just the Mercedes A Class gearbox ECU, these issues will likewise happen for the B Class CVT models.

The standard answer for this CVT gearbox issue comprise of supplanting the gearbox ECU, valve chest, solenoids and ensuing coding. This can be tried not to utilize our test and revamp administration, no requirement for resulting programming as we hold the first coding. All we require is the gearbox ECU to determine the 0722 and 0793 shortcoming codes and kill the “Transmission Visit Studio” show message.

Our modify choice re-designs the first assembling absconds, implying that the opportunity of additional issues emerging would be pretty much nothing, yet should any issues happen our lifetime guarantee will guarantee quick goal of any issues. In any case, our work deformity rate is lower than 0.6% on all of our remakes, so you can be guaranteed of our exceptionally exclusive expectation of work.

Normal Disappointment side effects:

Limp home mode/experimental mode
Loss of force
‘Transmission visit studio’ cautioning message on dashboard
Transmission cautioning light on dashboard
Not choosing gears
Staying in gear
Yield speed sensor issue
Speed sensor issue

Test and reconstruct:

We test these tricky Mercedes CVT gearbox ECU’s under different, certifiable burden and driving circumstances involving our cutting edge Equipment In the know (HIL) testing rig which will empower us to recognize every inward issue. Our experts will modify the transmission ECU and supplant all normal bombing parts with forms that are higher evaluated than standard, and afterward broadly re-test to guarantee that no deficiencies remain. This implies that your reconstructed CVT gearbox ECU will proceed as great as, while possibly worse than a fresh out of the box new substitution unit, freeing the Mercedes A Class of CVT gearbox issues unequivocally.


This transmission control ECU is coded to the vehicle, but all unique writing computer programs is held implying that once gotten back it is attachment and play.


Our severe quality control: incorporating testing, parts and workmanship will guarantee unquestionably the most significant level of work is completed to satisfy our lifetime guarantee guidelines. Because of our incredibly exclusive expectations we work intimately with showrooms and trained professionals, offering an improved answer for substitution.


Lifetime limitless mileage*

How would I get my unit revamped?

Select your part number above and snap: Get yours revamped

Print the installment/booking affirmation email.

Bundle the Mercedes A Class gearbox ECU inside a tough box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the crate).

Send us your bundle by followed messenger (the delivery directions are on the affirmation email).

When gotten we will test, revamp and return your CVT transmission ECU with a limitless mileage lifetime guarantee. (in the event that your unit turns out not to be defective then we will discount your installment less a little testing charge and bring delivering back)

What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This isn’t an issue, on the off chance that you lean toward this choice, follow the accompanying advances:

Fill in and present this test structure.

Print the booking affirmation email.

Bundle the 722.8 gearbox ECU inside a strong box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the case).

Send us your bundle by followed messenger (the transportation directions are on the affirmation email).

Once got, we will test your transmission ECU and call you to inform on the result regarding testing, in the event that your Mercedes A Class gearbox ECU is flawed and you decide to proceed the revamp then we will take installment via telephone utilizing a charge/Visa.

We will then revamp your transmission ECU and return it to you with a limitless mileage guarantee.

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