The Toyota MMT grasp actuator, which is fitted to gearboxes on the Toyota Auris, Corolla Verso, and Yaris, will frequently fizzle forestalling gear choice, which will leave the vehicle undriveable. This deficiency of drive will routinely make the N image streak on the stuff determination screen, demonstrating that the grasp actuator is broken.

Albeit most of these shortcomings happen when the vehicle is fixed, following the start was turned on, these issues can likewise happen while driving, which will make the gearbox exit the ongoing stuff, and back into nonpartisan.

With the Yaris, Aygo, Corolla Verso, and Auris, all being impacted by the irksome Toyota MMT grip actuator and stuff selector, these vehicles will regularly store the issue codes including P0810 – grasp position control blunder and P0900 – grip actuator circuit, which are an obvious sign that one, or even both, of these actuators has fizzled.

Supplanting both the grip actuator, gear selector, and the actual grasp, brings about a costly and extensive grasp re-learn methodology. This seriously builds the time, work, and cost required, which is normally excessive.

Our answer for the Toyota MMT grip actuator and stuff selector issue is a full reconstruct of these actuator, for a negligible portion of the expense of new substitutions. Dissimilar to the restricted one-year guarantee given by the maker, we give a limitless mile lifetime warranty*. Thus, you are truly outwitting both – a less expensive option in contrast to another arrangement of actuators, and a vastly improved guarantee for sure.

Normal Disappointment side effects:

No stuff choice
No drive

Normal shortcoming codes:

P0900 – Grasp Actuator Circuit
P0810 – Grasp Position Control Mistake/Grip Actuator
P0909 – Transmission Door Select Control Blunder
P0919 – Stuff Shift Position Control Mistake
P0905 – Entryway Select Position Circuit Reach
P0920 – Stuff Shift Forward Actuator Circuit

Test and remake:

Our specially crafted and cutting edge HIL (Equipment In the know) testing rigs permits us to test these actuators under certifiable loads and driving circumstances. When every one of the inside deficiencies have been distinguished, our experts will remake the actuator, supplanting all usually bombing leaves behind parts that are more excellent than standard. The unit is then widely re-tried to guarantee that no further blames stay, this implies that your modified actuator will proceed as great as, and while perhaps worse than a shiny new substitution unit.


No coding is expected for these actuators, so when you get the unit back essentially fitting and play.


Our severe quality confirmation process permits us to accomplish an imperfection rate no higher than 0.49%, guaranteeing that all modifies stick to our great, and lifetime guarantee principles. Along these lines, we are confided in by many significant showrooms and experts all through the world.


Lifetime limitless mileage*

How would I get my unit remade?

Select your vehicle from the rundown above, then, at that point, select ‘Get Yours Remade’

Print the installment/booking affirmation email.

Bundle the MMT actuator inside a strong box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the case).

Send us your bundle by followed dispatch (the delivery directions are on the affirmation email).

When gotten we will test, modify and return your actuator with a limitless mileage lifetime guarantee. (on the off chance that your unit turns out not to be broken then we will discount your installment less a little testing expense and bring transporting back)

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