Is it true or not that you are battling with a Small Cooper that could begin? Tragically, this is a typical issue that is looked by numerous proprietors, and is the consequence of a broken intersection box hardware control module (JBE) inside the Small Cooper.

The JBE, otherwise called the Body Control Module (BCM), fills in as the focal control unit for different electronic frameworks in Smaller than usual Cooper (2006-2015) models. Going about as the mind behind key electrical capabilities in the vehicle, the JBE is answerable for controlling focal locking, the caution framework, markers, windows, wipers, and all the more explicitly, the fuel siphon transfer.

Since the fuel siphon hand-off helps with conveying fuel to the motor, disappointment of the JBE will cause a fuel siphon transfer shortcoming, bringing about a Smaller than expected Cooper that won’t begin. Other expected side effects of disappointment incorporate inconsistent way of behaving of the vehicle’s gadgets, like windows or pointers, as well as issues with the focal locking.

Finding a Little Cooper JBE fix from the producer will be troublesome, as they will rather recommend that you buy a totally new, however expensive, module. This won’t just be a costly venture, however as additional work will be expected to reconstruct the new JBE, the cycle will take additional time. Likewise, almost certainly, the new JBE will in any case have the first shortcoming, bringing about additional issues with your Smaller than usual Cooper not beginning.

Be that as it may, there is compelling reason need to stress. We can give a Little Cooper JBE fix arrangement that will both set aside you time and cash. With our full test and reconstruct administration, the JBE for your Small Cooper will be modified inside 2-3 working days.

Normal Disappointment side effects:

Non Start
Fuel Siphon Transfer Shortcomings

Test and revamp:

We put every Smaller than usual Cooper BCM through our uniquely assembled testing rigs that impersonate genuine circumstances, burdens, and conditions, to guarantee that all flaws are found. In the event that the BCM is viewed as flawed, the unit is deprived of all faltering parts and supplanted by those of a better quality of value.


We hold all unique programming during the remaking system, basically attachment and play once you accept your unit back.


All remakes go through thorough quality confirmation checks, accordingly, our deformity rate remains lower than 0.49%. As a result of our elevated expectations of value, we have constructed organizations with many significant establishment showrooms and experts around the world.


Lifetime limitless mileage*

How would I get my unit remade?

To pay for the remake click the Shop Currently interface above, select your part number and snap: Get yours revamped.

Print the installment/booking affirmation email.

Bundle the Scaled down Cooper JBE inside a strong box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the container).

Send us your bundle by followed messenger (the transportation directions are on the affirmation email).

When gotten we will test, reconstruct and return your BCM with a limitless mileage lifetime guarantee. (on the off chance that your unit turns out not to be broken then we will discount your installment less a little testing expense and bring delivering back)

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