Motor failure to discharge is an exceptionally normal issue across the E90 territory fitted with this motor ECU. The vehicle will start to run harsh and foster a motor failure to fire north of at least one chambers and will frequently deteriorate over the long run.

While diagnosing the issue utilizing check apparatuses you will find shortcoming codes for injector circuit disappointment as well as burning fizzle, you will likewise see missing injector signals from the ECU.

Whenever left untreated the flawed ECU will turn into the reason for the BMW E90 not beginning and interchanges to the motor administration framework might become inconceivable.

Buying a substitution is pricey, it will expect coding to the vehicle at an additional cost and may be covered by a short one year guarantee.

Our BMW ECU fix will determine these issues for a small part of the expense of a substitution ECU. We will likewise hold all the first coding so there is no requirement for a costly outing to get it coded. We can test and modify your motor ECU inside 2-3 working days and give a limitless mile lifetime guarantee.

Normal Disappointment side effects:

Motor discharge failure
No injector signal
Runs unpleasant
No beginning
Motor administration light enlightened

Test and revamp:

Every motor administration ECU is thoroughly tried on our tailor made HIL (Equipment In the know) test rigs. By running the ECU under genuine burden and driving circumstances we can guarantee that, once remade, the motor ECU will out perform OEM determinations.


Our extremely high lifetime guarantee principles incorporates quality control, ESD security, testing and workmanship, and this is a direct result of these actions we can certainly and gladly give a full lifetime guarantee on the entirety of our work.

How would I get my unit reconstructed?

To pay for the revamp select your part number above and afterward click: Get yours modified

Print the installment/booking affirmation email.

Bundle the motor ECU inside a durable box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the crate).

Send us your bundle by followed dispatch (the transportation guidelines are on the affirmation email).

When gotten we will test, revamp and return your ECU with a limitless mileage lifetime guarantee. (in the event that your unit turns out not to be broken then we will discount your installment less a little testing expense and bring delivering back)

Consider the possibility that I would rather not settle front and center.

This isn’t an issue, in the event that you lean toward this choice, follow the accompanying advances:

Fill in and present this test structure.

Print the booking affirmation email.

Bundle the 3 Series ECU inside a durable box with a lot of bundling material (ensure you incorporate your affirmation email in the crate).

Send us your bundle by followed messenger (the delivery guidelines are on the affirmation email).

Once got, we will test your motor ECU and call you to instruct on the result regarding testing, in the event that your unit is defective and you decide to proceed the revamp then we will take installment via telephone utilizing a charge/Visa.

We will then reconstruct your BMW motor ECU and return it to you with a limitless mileage guarantee.

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