This ABS siphon for BMW 1 Series (F20, F21) is a typical disappointment that causes brake restricting, staying the brake caliper on when the brake pedal is discouraged (even subsequent to delivering the brake pedal). Generally back brake restricting will happen, however this can likewise occur on the front brakes. Most frequently influencing the 116 and 114 models, this issue reaches out to the whole 2011-2019 BMW 1 Series range.

You will likewise observe that the brakes are consequently applied when the windscreen wipers are dynamic and has been known to slow the vehicle definitely without the driver discouraging the brake pedal.

This 1 Series ABS shortcoming won’t enlighten the ABS cautioning light or log any deficiencies inside the ABS module, so there is no advance notice previously or during the glitch.

With this shortcoming influencing the 2010-2015 1 Series range most carports will try to determine this brake secure issue by buying a substitution ABS siphon from the producer. Nonetheless, this is pricey, will cause a programming charge, and because of the issue not being settled at the production line all substitutions are inclined toward flop from now on (normally after the short one-year maker guarantee).

We have an improved answer for substitution: we can modify your unique 1 Series ABS siphon and module for a portion of the expense of purchasing new. This as well as we hold all unique programming, sort out the first plan defect and give a full limitless mile Lifetime Guarantee all inside 2-3 working days.

You can have confidence that the remade 1 Series ABS siphon will never again make the brakes tie/secure.

Common Failure symptoms:

Test and rebuild:

We test every unit beyond the operating parameters of the vehicle so we know that once a unit is rebuilt it will outlast the vehicle. We only use higher rated than standard components within our rebuilds. Testing of the BMW ABS unit is performed before and after the rebuild to ensure that the ABS meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.

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